Types Of Risk In Financial Market

Types Of Risk In Financial Market


The main types of risks to which Almazergienbank is exposed are credit risk, market risk including the risks associated with changes in market prices of financial instruments, interest rates and exchange rates , liquidity risk, and operational risk. The strategic goal of risk management is to ensure the financial stability of the Bank.

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Well functioning financial markets also facilitate the trading , hedging, diversifying and pooling of risk and the channelling of external financial resources. The crises in Asia in and in the Russian Federation in affected world financial and trading markets , which in turn created severe obstacles to attaining social development goals in many countries.

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An accessible and detailed overview of the risks posed by financial institutions Understanding Systemic Risk in Global Financial Markets offers an accessible yet detailed overview of the risks to financial stability posed by financial institutions designated as systemically important. The types of firms covered are primarily systemically important banks, non-banks, and financial market utilities such as central counterparties.

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Value of the financial market consists in maintenance of mobilization of the free capital and maintenance of economic growth of the country. Functioning of the financial market enables to redistribute resources on "horizontal" instead of the "vertical" way inherent in command economy.

Types Of Risk In Financial Market
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Types Of Risk In Financial Market

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Types Of Risk In Financial Market

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Types Of Risk In Financial Market

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Types Of Risk In Financial Market

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Types Of Risk In Financial Market

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Types Of Risk In Financial Market

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Types Of Risk In Financial Market -

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Management of Risk

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