Dean Ambrose Vs Goldberg

Dean Ambrose Vs Goldberg


The beginning of the match began with both men staring each other down, jawing back and forth, with no physical for several minutes, causing an exasperated Austin at one point to coax them into locking up. The fact that they both were leaving the WWE immediately after the match, as well as the lack of effort brought forth by both Goldberg and Lesnar drew large heat from the fans throughout the match, with fans chanting, "You sold out", "Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye", "Austin", "This match sucks", "We want Bret", "Boring", "Goldberg sucks", and "Hogan".

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Dean Ambrose Vs Goldberg
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Dean Ambrose Vs Goldberg

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Dean Ambrose Vs Goldberg

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Dean Ambrose Vs Goldberg

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Dean Ambrose Vs Goldberg

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Dean Ambrose Vs Goldberg

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Dean Ambrose Vs Goldberg

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Dean Ambrose Vs Goldberg -

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Dean Ambrose vs. Samoa Joe: Raw, Dec. 11, 2017

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