Where Can I Buy Ripple

Where Can I Buy Ripple


I think it just moved accounts. Which is what this whole coin is supposed to do.

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Great video bro, Is the wallet safe though? What if the website crashes and I lose all my ripple?

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The con is that it takes time to validate on any exchange that accepts USD. What are the pros and cons?

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Most of the coins i have are not on these devices. As bitcoin goes up in value, what if ripple does not go up just stays around the same.

Where Can I Buy Ripple
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Where Can I Buy Ripple

Veri useful and informative.

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Where Can I Buy Ripple

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Where Can I Buy Ripple

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Where Can I Buy Ripple

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Where Can I Buy Ripple

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Where Can I Buy Ripple

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Where Can I Buy Ripple -

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How to buy ripple (XRP) on a iPhone or Android

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