Forex Rigging Barclays

Forex Rigging Barclays


Tucker became embroiled in the scandal when Barclays revealed a note written by Diamond back in October summarising a conversation between him and the BOE official. Tucker, however, denied the note was an accurate reflection of his conversation with Diamond and he strongly denied in evidence to the TSC that he had given the green light to Barclays to artificially lower its Libor rates.

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Who provides these insolvent banks with the money needed to keep them afloat to carry on this major fraud with the help of QE? Where do the Western governments get this money from via inflation from QE and taxes?

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Forex Rigging Barclays
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Forex Rigging Barclays

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Forex Rigging Barclays

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Forex Rigging Barclays

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Forex Rigging Barclays

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Forex Rigging Barclays

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Forex Rigging Barclays

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Forex Rigging Barclays -

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[479] Barclays to cough up $150m in forex rigging scandal

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Barclays Forex Rigging

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