Employee Stock Options And Dividends

Employee Stock Options And Dividends


The company has a weighty financial reason for the issue of stock options, since the stock options are intended to form part of the incentive and commitment program for the Group key employees. The purpose of the stock options is to encourage the key employees to work on a long-term basis to increase shareholder value.

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Shareholders may choose to receive shares, cash or both. Dividend swap — A dividend swap is an over the counter financial derivative contract in particular a form of swap.

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Employee Stock Options And Dividends
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Employee Stock Options And Dividends

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Employee Stock Options And Dividends

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Employee Stock Options And Dividends

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Employee Stock Options And Dividends

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Employee Stock Options And Dividends

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Employee Stock Options And Dividends

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Employee Stock Options And Dividends -

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When Should I Exercise my Stock Options?

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Stock Dividends And Employee Options

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