Margin Interactive Brokers

Margin Interactive Brokers


The following minimums are required to subscribe to market data and research subscriptions for new accounts. We also pass through market data fees from the exchanges for any real-time market data service to which you subscribe.

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Predefined and static calculations are applied to each position or predefined groups of positions. Exchanges consider the maximum one- day risk on all the positions in a complete portfolio, or subportfolio together.

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Reg T margin requirements are calculated from rules-based formulas that require traders to maintain a fixed percentage of the market value of each position as margin collateral and do not take into account the historical risk of a specific portfolio. This Portfolio Margin risk-based model also takes into consideration hedged positions, which may help reduce the margin requirement for the portfolio.

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Margin Interactive Brokers
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Margin Interactive Brokers

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Margin Interactive Brokers

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Margin Interactive Brokers

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Margin Interactive Brokers

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Margin Interactive Brokers

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Margin Interactive Brokers

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Trader Work Station (TWS) Tutorial

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